Santa Barbara Automation is committed to a long term relationship with our customers. We offer ongoing support for all our products and equipment with telephone, email and on-site service. Our products include extensive documentation in a variety of electronic and paper formats for electrical, mechanical and software to help you understand and troubleshoot your system. Since our equipment is expected to work reliably for many years we also provide regular upgrades for test software and other technologies to ensure that it will remain the very best available. As your markets change and evolve, we will change and update our systems to keep pace with your requirements. As standard practice we also provide spare parts and other consumable items to minimize downtime.


The Key to good customer relationships is the quality of the documentation provided with delivery of your equipment. Our equipment is often complex and the documentation will assist you in understanding and maintaining your new system.

Operator Manuals are a reference for machine operation, to train the new user for the safe and proper use of the equipment.

Software Manuals are often graphically presented to speed understanding and to avoid mistakes. File locations are clearly explained and examples given of parameter files. Electronic copies of PLC ladder logic are provided upon equipment delivery

Maintenance Manuals clearly explain procedures for alignment and troubleshooting. Many of our machines include a separate section of the control panel devoted to individual machine functions to speed recovery from unexpected problems and keep your production line running. This is a feature unique to Santa Barbara Automation equipment. Our Maintenance Manuals clearly explain the functions of this feature.

Machine use and maintenance

Schematics are detailed, with notations for wire numbers and component function. Power distribution and wiring diagrams clearly show incoming voltages for frames and subchassis. Circuit board assembly drawings, where applicable, are provided with specific component references.

Machine Wiring is logically numbered and referenced on drawings for fast problem solving. Component designations and values are shown with terminal numbers and termination points. Power distribution and frame wiring diagrams are separately provided with all circuit breakers and fuses labeled.

Documentation provided by Santa Barbara Automation will be used after equipment delivery as a common reference during telephone or email support. High quality manuals and wiring diagrams will reduce the cost of equipment ownership and give you the highest possible return on your investment.

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Complete documentation


Santa Barbara Automation maintains the instrumentation and tools to service and calibrate all parts of the equipment we build. For those components that require regular alignment or calibration we provide certification traceable to NIST standards with supporting test data. Our alignment and calibration costs are low and the turn a round time is minimal. For the highest measurement accuracy regular calibration is a necessity.

Measurement Verification is used to validate the ability of the equipment to properly and accurately test your products. An otherwise minor problem may create major difficulties should untested or defective product be shipped to your customer. Frequent equipment confirmation with a Measurement Verification module is one of the best methods to prevent this.

We offer several types of Measurement Verification assemblies, ranging from simple, single channel open circuit boards to complex, 20-channel cassettes. These products replicate known good initiators, allowing consistant test results to be returned with minimal disruption on the production line.

Calibration and Measurement Verification


We welcome customer visits during the final assembly process, to familiarize your staff with our equipment even before delivery. This time allows the exchange of technical information and is often more relaxed and productive than on the manufacturing line. Understanding the assembly process is essential to later maintenance of the equipment, and to your intelligent choice of spare parts to be included with delivery. What better time to gain this knowledge than during final assembly?

We are also available for training within your facility. We can teach your technical staff the proper use of maintenance programs and tools with a 'hands on' approach using sample parts and equipment demonstrations. Your operators will ultimately be trusted to properly use the machinery and can also benefit from training and the ability to ask questions of the manufacturer before using the equipment.

Final assembly training


Santa Barbara Automation technical and engineering personnel are available to support your staff should a problem occur. Our normal response time is 24 to 48 hours (depending on location) for those instances when we cannot resolve a problem with telephone or email support. A site visit may be the most cost effective manner to resolve problems or answer questions regarding equipment upgrades.

On-Site Service


Santa Barbara Automation staff is available to support your questions over telephone, facsimile or email. Our success record for problem resolution with this type of support is very high. We recommend a training visit to our production facility during final assembly to develop relationships with our engineers and technicians - to 'put a face' to the person who will later support you.

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