Santa Barbara Automation is committed to a long term relationship with our customers. We offer ongoing support for all our products and equipment with telephone, email and on-site service. Our products include extensive documentation in a variety of electronic and paper formats for electrical, mechanical and software to help you understand and troubleshoot your system. Since our equipment is expected to work reliably for many years, we also provide regular upgrades for test software and other technologies, to ensure that it will remain the very best available. As your products change and evolve, we can change and update our systems to keep pace with your requirements. As standard practice we also provide spare parts and other consumable items to minimize downtime.

Electrical Test Equipment comparison
Graphical display of equipment capability
FET-C, FET-CX, FET-11, FET-16, FET20, Thermal Transient Test
Intro Sheet brochure
FET-C Series
Automotive Initiator Final Electrical Test
Vibratory feed with automatic load to timing belt conveyor.
Vision, x-ray, marking and pin spacing/length measurement options
Replaceable tooling for multiple part types
FET-C Series brochure
FET-C Vision option
FET-C X-ray option
FET-16 Series
Automotive/aerospace Initiator Final Electrical Test
Extremely versatile manually loaded desktop system
FET-16 Desktop brochure
FET-20 Series
Automotive/aerospace initiator Final Electrical Test
Bosch conveyor-based system with cassettes
Vision, x-ray, pin lenght measurement and marking options
FET-20 Series brochure
Cassette for wire-lead and pin lead initiators
DT-501 Series
Manually loaded assembly or electrical test
Precision pin height measurement and Electrical Test
Replaceable tooling for multiple part types
DT-501 Series brochure
DT-501 Multiplexer schematic
Test Validation Modules
Fast, low cost equipment certification to confirm test instrument performance and to avoid shipment of defective product.

Many types available, including portable units and multiple channel versions.

Our latest version is the Solid State Test Validation module, available in either 1-ohm or 2- ohm versions. This module has increased accuracy and offers longer battery life.

Test Validation Manual

Test Certification Manual

Solid State Test Validation Manual

Thermal Transient Test
Desktop Thermal Transient Test System
Complete analysis package for initiator development

Version 3.2.45 adds a trigger output to the hardware for sychronization and a drop-down menu for part number selection

Thermal 2010 is a major upgrade, providing Pass/Fail testing, on-screen test notes and more. This must be used with version 46 or later firmware. Uininstall previous versions when updating to Thermal 2010.

Thermal2012 provides another substantial upgrade, adding support for external automation with 24VDC logic. With the proper multiplexer options two nest positions may be tested in sequence. Test results, wavforms and histograms are displayed on the operator screen. This must be used with version 51 or later firmware. Diagnostics are now standard. Please uninstall earlier versions prior to installation of Thermal2012.

Sample XML waveforms are available in an interesting series of 34 tests on a popcorn initiator (popcorn initiator waveform study 34). Please note the included Readme.txt file for explanations.

A second set of 2 sample XML waveforms are available for first time function tests on popcorn initiators (initiator function study 2). Please note the included Readme1.txt file for explanations.

Thermal 2017 is our most recent thermal transient application. Added features include slope detection and Gamma curves with pass/fail analysis of both as well as new Process windows to allow individual site configuration . This is another major update to our Thermal Transient test equipment and is extremely powerful. This must be used with version 51 or later firmware. Please uninstall earlier versions prior to installation of Thermal 2017.

To review the features of the latest thermal transient application download the Thermal Transient 2017 manual.

Thermal Transient Test System brochure

Download Thermal Transient Application V3.2

Download Thermal Transient Application V3.2.45

Download Thermal2010

Download Thermal2012

Download Popcorn initiator waveform study 34

Download Popcorn initiator function study 2

Download Popcorn study 34 graph

Thermal Transient 2012 manual

Thermal Transient install and graph navagation

Thermal Transient calculations

Thermal Transient specifications

Download Thermal2017

Thermal Transient manual 2017

Scanning X-ray Systems
Complete high resolution system with ImagestepTM software application.
Scanning X-ray brochure
Electrostatic Discharge Test
High voltage (to 30KV) capacitive discharge test instrument
ESD-804 brochure
Laser Marker
High speed indelible marking with input from vibratory feed
Laser Marker brochure
Sealant Applicator
Production line sealant dispense with input from vibratory feed
Sealant Applicator brochure
Kelvin connector
Rugged 4-wire connectors

Kelvin connector brochure
Kelvin socket brochure
Discharge Firing System
Capacitive discharge test instrument with safety features

Firing System brochure

Firing System manual

Current Source
Constant current source with safety features

We now offer a Constant Current/Constant Voltage instrument with 5 amp current capacity, 16 volt compliance and precision timing for precise pulse width testing.

Constant Current Source brochure

Constant Current Source manual

Constant Voltage_Current Manual

4-Wire Resistance Test and General Purpose Controller
Microcontroller-based general purpose control board. Ideal for resistance test with internal precision contant current source, LCD display, RS-232 interface, general purpose I/O. May be used as a stand-alone test controller or connected to a host computer via RS-232.
15050 Resistance Test schematic sheet 1

15050 Resistance Test schematic sheet 2

4-Wire Multiplexer with Polarity Select
Small 2-channel Multiplexer with optional piggyback Test Verification board.
Precision 4-wire test with relay switching from parts under test to external instrumentation. Simple logic allows software selection of part to be tested, test type and high voltage output (for insulation resistance test).

This version adds polarity selection for increased accuracy during resistance and Thermal Transient test. The signal polarity for both outputs may be reversed under logic control (current +/- and signal +/-).

Download 22888 Multiplexer schematic sheet 1

Download 22888 Multiplexer schematic sheet 2

Download 22888 Multiplexer schematic sheet 3

Download 22888 Multiplexer schematic sheet 4

Download 22888 Multiplexer Timing Diagram

Most data sheets are in Adobe Acrobat format. You will need Acrobat Reader.

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